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Anita Helmy

Anita Helmy

Δημοπράτης Τέχνη (Μοντέρνα)

Art shows you another world, which continues to surprise.

  • Educated at the Art Academy
  • Owned her own art gallery
  • More than 30 years’ experience
  • Is an artist herself
Anita Helmy

Modern art is the common theme running through Anita Helmy’s life. At the age of 12, a Dalí exhibition made a deep impression on her, after which she went to the Saturday academy for art education. Art Academy followed, but Anita went her own way during the financial crisis in the early 80s. Along with a few fellow artists, she opened a gallery with exhibitions at home and abroad. They wanted to use this as a springboard to bring art back into the spotlight. Since then she has continued to view and create art.

With so much knowledge of art, it has become an almost tangible part of Anita. In assessing lots for the Catawiki art auction, she sometimes goes by her gut instinct. Because while a big name like Escher is always nice, the work of an unknown artist can also be interesting. Anita also maintains good relationships with her suppliers. She provides varied auctions every week, with lots that excite both collectors and enthusiasts.

Zsuzsa Vermesi

Zsuzsa Vermesi

Δημοπράτης Μπιμπελό / Τέχνη (Μοντέρνα)

I like to give lesser known artists a chance.

  • Widely schooled in contemporary art
  • Critical vision with an eye for professionalism
  • Worked for various auction houses
Zsuzsa Vermesi

With her tremendous enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, Zsuzsa Vermesi began working towards becoming an auctioneer shortly after finishing her studies. Zsuzsa has already earned her reputation in the art world. With a Master’s in art history, internships with the Arts & Antiques Group (AAG) auction house and managing the collection of an international bank, she knows what she is talking about.

Auctioneering fits her like a glove. In addition to established names like Shepard Fairey and Zhang Xiaogang, she also likes to give lesser known talents a chance. Of course, not without first carrying out the necessary research and casting a critical eye over the work. This ensures she always upholds the auction’s high level of quality.

As an auctioneer, Zsuzsa learned how important it is to establish good relationships with sellers. Catawiki’s online focus is a big advantage because she can act quickly and communicate easily. This allows Zsuzsa to link with a growing number of artists and suppliers in order to put together a high quality and surprising auction every week.


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