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Daan Hartevelt

Daan Hartevelt


Daan Hartevelt

Δημοπράτης Γραμματόσημα

I’m fascinated by the journeys of postage stamps.

  • Worked for a reputable stamp shop
  • Avid collector
  • Extensive trade experience
Daan Hartevelt

Every postage stamp tells a story. When was it made, where did it come from, what type of post was it on and what route did it travel? Daan Hartevelt is fascinated by all these questions. As a boy, he really enjoyed finding the answers. It didn’t take Daan long to start collecting, and he soon found himself attending stamp fairs. He viewed thousands of stamps, made contact with traders... and sometimes made bad purchases. However, we learn by making mistakes. These experiences, his collection and his work in a reputable stamp shop have given him unrivalled knowledge of postage stamps.

Daan now uses this knowledge at Catawiki, where he is an auctioneer for the Dutch postage stamp auction. He uses scanned images to assess the lots on offer. And if he has any doubts about the condition of the stamp? Then only a certificate of authenticity will do. Fortunately, he has good relationships with his suppliers. As a result, his weekly auctions are highly varied, filled with interesting collections and exclusive postage stamps.


Welcome back! Whilst you were away we added the functionality to view auctions and bid in pounds.

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