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Zündapp - 515 - Spankman Special - Biohazard - 80 cc - 1964

Αριθμός αναφοράς παρτίδας 16592465

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Μάρκα: Zündapp (Περισσότερες παρτίδες)
Τύπος μοντέλου: 515 - Spankman Special - Biohazard
Διαστάσεις μηχανής (σε cc): 80
Έτος πρώτης εγγραφής: 1964
Κατάσταση: Εξαιρετική
Διαθέσιμα δικαιολογητικά εγγραφής: με ολλανδική εγγραφή
Χιλιομετρική απόσταση: 200 km

Zundapp 515 from 1964 special paint custom-built.
Dutch moped registration.

No expense or trouble spared.

The cdi broke 7 times, it needs a new ignition.
I have been pestering the retailer for months for a new ignition but they’ve let me down. That’s why it has to go.

I need the money for a new project.
Grab you chance to get this Special for a nice price.

The brake pump and clutch lever are disassembled at the moment, these are not included.
It has a Kokusan ignition.
This was defective and was removed.
The flywheel is good.
If you tackle these 3 issues, you’ll have a great zundapp.
And very unique one, you will not find another one.

What's included:
: All fixings are stainless steel.
: All axles are stainless steel.
:New buddy seat.
:New rear shock absorbers.
:Swingarm comes from a zundapp 517
:Chain guard original zundapp 517
:Custom-made headlight housing original from a zundapp 517
:Radiator converted for it to fit underneath, you can refill the coolant as normal without seeing tangled hoses.

:Custom-made exhaust super sound.
:Custom-made brake pedal.
:Stainless steel rear brake rod.
:Custom handmade half moons.
:New tyres front and back, Michelin M45.
:New chain and sprockets

:Spacers for the wheels are all stainless steel
:24 mm Mikuni Carburetor.
:Custom-made headlight rim and glass.
:Large speedometer by swf 120 km/h.

:Original side stand from a zundapp 517, not one that will start bending, you could re-chrome it to make it look nice. Temporarily painted, yet to be finished.
:New tail light glass

:All paint is from house of kollor
:The base colour is Cobalt blue Kandy with special paint/airbrush on top.

:Completely refurbished and custom paint, Zundapp Ks 80 engine block, only driven 200 km due to ignition.
The block cost 1,000 euros without the ignition, I do have a Motoplat ignition but no coil otherwise it would be sold in running condition.

Two bolts are missing in the front mudguard, they vibrated off.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten the odd thing, I have spent 3,200 euros on it.
Worked on it for 8 months and built it from scratch.

It pains me to have to sell this Zundapp but life goes on.
And I just fancy a new project.

Finish it and you’ll have a beautiful DAPP.

This moped can be viewed and picked up in Kapelle, The Netherlands.

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