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Porsche - 911 SC - 1968

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With the same owner since 1992, the vehicle has been through a professional restoration of the body and the replacement of the 2.0 L of origin by a 2.4 L engine in the middle of the 90s - 6 flattened cylinders 2341 cm 3 - manual gear box 5-speed

The vehicle has a normal French registration with a valid technical control until 2018. It is a model 911S of French origin, ex factory 12/13/1968 (chassis number No. 119310182), the odometer reading shows 63.450 km. The vehicle has a metallic green color with a black Interior and works on gasoline.
During the restoration, the original 2.0 L has been replaced by a 2.4 L No. 6133397. This 2.4 L, equipped with Weber carburetors, works very well. The road handling is perfect and the vehicle is very pleasant to drive. The shock absorbers are recent and the manual gearbox 5-speed has a clutch in good condition. Equipped with hydraulic tensioners. The invoices record shows a complete engine overhaul and recently of the gear box, and the regular maintenance by a specialist in old and racing vehicles (The Workshop in Arbonne).
The bodywork has been entirely restored professionally in the mid-90s with a complete overhaul from the chassis (a photos file is available to the purchaser). The chassis and the underbody are very healthy, well maintained, they do not show any need. The metallic green paint is in accordance to the Porsche catalogue of that time and is different from the original color of the vehicle (blue). In average used condition, it looks correctly however it could be reworked for a perfect quality or maintain in this condition. The Interior is original, with seats in average condition which can also be restored (the driver side headrest is missing) and otherwise the inside and the carpets are in good condition. The Targa roof is well watertight with seals in good condition, shows a bit of wear on the windows sides. The vehicle is equipped with Fuchs (6 x 15) 4 rims and tires 195 x 60-15. The spare wheel is mounted in 185 x 70-15. The vehicle has been sparingly used sinds its old restoration (with less than 5000km since) and only by dry weather, especially in automotive events. The vehicle sleeps in a garage and is roadworthy.

The vehicle can be viewed and picked-up between Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz in France.

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Fr buzenval  

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Μέλος από: 5 Σεπτέμβριος 2015
  • Παρακαλούμε σημειώστε: μερικά μέρη αυτής της σελίδας έχουν μεταφραστεί αυτόματα.
    Primo acquisto senza problemi, orologio perfetto, consegna Colissimo in tre giorni, contentissimo. Mille grazie Buzenval ciao.
    Προβολή μετάφρασης Μεταφράστηκε αυτόματα. Απενεργοποιήστε

    mauro3841 17 Νοέμβριος 2017

  • Παρακαλούμε σημειώστε: μερικά μέρη αυτής της σελίδας έχουν μεταφραστεί αυτόματα.
    I'm very thankful for this dealings.
    Προβολή μετάφρασης Μεταφράστηκε αυτόματα. Απενεργοποιήστε

    j-bucci 6 Φεβρουάριος 2017

  • Παρακαλούμε σημειώστε: μερικά μέρη αυτής της σελίδας έχουν μεταφραστεί αυτόματα.
    好大一片污漬, 而且絲巾的顏色有點殘舊
    Προβολή μετάφρασης Μεταφράστηκε αυτόματα. Απενεργοποιήστε

    raymondseto 21 Σεπτέμβριος 2016

  • Παρακαλούμε σημειώστε: μερικά μέρη αυτής της σελίδας έχουν μεταφραστεί αυτόματα.
    Προβολή μετάφρασης Μεταφράστηκε αυτόματα. Απενεργοποιήστε

    calimero-blue 21 Ιούνιος 2016

  • Παρακαλούμε σημειώστε: μερικά μέρη αυτής της σελίδας έχουν μεταφραστεί αυτόματα.
    So long time, have still not got seller's compensation money for the clock partly broken. Catawiki is driving to push seller's compensation. thanks
    Προβολή μετάφρασης Μεταφράστηκε αυτόματα. Απενεργοποιήστε

    henrylhz 7 Ιούνιος 2016

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